My trial lessons are 30 minutes long and are useful to…

  • Get to know you, your level, needs, struggles, and goals.
  • Introduce you to my  method, materials and resources
  • Get a taste of how we would work together 
  • Discuss the perfect service for you 
  • Answer all your questions

If you eventually decide you don’t need one-on-one Spanish classes for now, you can still learn Spanish on my blog

Click here to request the free trial lesson.

Once you leave your contact details and express your interest in a trial lesson, you’ll receive an email with access to my calendar. This way, you’ll be able to book a free trial session whenever it suits your schedule.

Taking the first step to become fluent in Spanish has never been so easy.

  1. Have a free trial lesson with me to discuss what service is best for you.
  2. Click on your preferred service: conversation classes or intermediate Spanish classes.
  3. Choose the desired package at the end of the page of the service.
  4. Purchase the package with through Paypal.
  5. Schedule your first session and start your journey towards Spanish fluency!

You can either buy packages for conversation classes or general Spanish classes through Paypal (with an account or with credit card). 

Small Paypal fees are added to final prices of packages.

  1. Adaptation to your needs, goals, and interests so you make progress.
  2. Easy explanations specifically considered for English speakers, so you quickly focus on practising the new content.
  3. Spanish all the time, so you eventually feel comfortable with the language. English is an emergency tool.
  4. Special attention to speaking and listening skills, so you stop freezing in real contexts.
  5. Authentic Spanish culture, so you can understand and enjoy Spain when travelling.
  6. A Spanish native speaker and qualified teacher who will answer your questions and motivate you.
  7. Interesting Spanish materials and resources, so you focus on speaking Spanish and having fun.
  8. Flexibility, since you can choose the place, the time, the day, and even the pace and topics!
  9. Optional tasks so you never stop learning Spanish and working for your goals.
  10. Focus on building your confidence as a Spanish speaker, so you speak Spanish without anxiety or much hesitation and showing your personality.

Ready to learn Spanish? Book a trial lesson

You’ll only need Internet connection, a microphone, Zoom, and a PDF reader. I will be the one bringing materials to enrich your learning experience as much as possible.  

The webcam isn’t compulsory but definitely recommended as body language is very important for meaningful communication.

You can always book a free trial lesson to check if your current tools work well for you to have Spanish classes from the comfort of your home with me.

Yes! If you wish to become a confident Spanish speaker with a friend or family member, contact me to discuss how conversation classes work in that situation along with prices. 

It’s impossible to provide a specific number of classes to reach success as students have different learning paces, goals, levels, and needs.

My goal won’t be to push you to fit your progress in a specific number of sessions. My goal will be to offer you the best service so you can become the confident Spanish speaker you want to be.

You will decide for how long. No pressure here.

However, if you’re not sure about how many sessions you should have a week, I normally recommend:

  • 1 session a week if you’re truly busy
  • 2 sessions a week if you want to speed up results and make Spanish part of your weekly habits, like exercising or meeting friends. The more exposed you’re to Spanish, the sooner you’ll be fluent.

If you want to know more about this, you can either contact me or book a trial lesson.

Of course, life is unpredictable.

You can cancel or reschedule a session without extra charge UP TO 24 hours in advance before the scheduled session.  After that, I’ll give you different opportunities to reschedule your class so unexpected events don’t affect your learning. 

Bear in mind, though, that if you wish to cancel or reschedule a class within the last 24 hours before the initially scheduled session, the class won’t be refunded. That means that if you bought a package of 5 sessions, you’ll enjoy 4. If you want another, you’ll have to buy it separately. 

I will wait for you a maximum of 10 minutes for conversation classes and 15 minutes for general Spanish classes.

If, for some reason, you still don’t join the Zoom room, the class won’t be refunded.  

This means that if you bought a package of 5 sessions, you’ll enjoy 4. If you want another one, you’ll have to buy it separately.

I will wait until you join the Zoom room and make the most of the time left. It’s neither your fault nor mine, so we can only be sensible about it.

If the technical issues continue after the first 15 minutes,  you can reschedule the session.

Yes, both conversation and general Spanish packages expire after six months once you purchase them.

You just have to click here and leave your name and email.

Apart from the weekly content to boost your Spanish on the newsletter, you’ll receive the free guide  “How to Boost your Fluency in Spanish at Home” at the beginning.

This guide will help you speak Spanish confidently with:

  • Initial strategies to have the proper mindset and habits
  • Strategies and resources to understand Spanish speakers
  • Strategies and resources to speak Spanish without freezing
  • Essential tips to maximise those strategies 

You can either send an email to hola@accspanish.com or use the contact form.

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